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User Info On Irma And Stupidity; entered at 2017-09-06 17:34:17
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I was relieved when I saw the storm models shifting to the east. I'm with you Karl on this one, if you're waiting to leave on Friday night or even Saturday, you're already screwed. You only have four options out of Dade and Broward counties, interstates I-95N or I-75W running over to Naples then north, Rt 41 is a two lane that runs E to W parallel to I-75 or lastly Rt 27 also a two lane that runs north west towards Lake Okeechobee that turns north running through the center of the state. A mass evacuation of the southern Florida east coast is going to be a major Cluster F**K or a total FUBAR anyway you slice it. You know people they'll always wait until the last possible second to bug out.

Here is what management at my Condo in Naples just put out an hour ago.

Dear Owners and Residents,

On Thursday, September 7th Management will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting
in the lobby at 10:00 AM. Any owners that have chosen to stay and not evacuate during the storm, please attend.

Management and the Board of Directors recommend evacuation in accordance with the City of Naples and Governor Scotts recommendation to evacuate the area during the storm. As the storm approaches please expect the following to be unavailable; emergency services, cable television, internet services, mobile & landline phone services, air conditioning and electricity.

In terms of what our area could see, the earliest arrival of tropical storm-force winds will likely be felt by late Saturday. Hurricane force winds could move over the area on Sunday or Monday, depending on the eventual path the hurricane takes.

The front desk will be unattended and personnel will not be available during the storm. Management will be on site to handle building issues as they approach, but will not be available for personal assistance. We cannot stress enough the importance of evacuating the area.

Once the storm has passed maintenance, the front desk, housekeeping, and the office will be working to get the property to normal operation with prioritized lists.

Please make sure to attend the meeting at 10am tomorrow in the lobby if you are going to be on property during the storm.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this difficult period.

Sincere Regards,

**** *******
Administrative Assistant

2017-09-06 17:34:17