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User Info On Irma And Stupidity; entered at 2017-09-06 14:54:55
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Registered: 2017-06-26
I totally agree with the lack of common sense regarding rebuilding in flood zones..

I also agree with filling up tap water into containers instead of waiting in line.

My preps include used food grade 55 gallon drums for water storage, bottled water purchased on sale and in advance, three different expedient water purifiers ( e.g., Sawyer water filter) and last, but not least, the survival knowledge necessary to survive ...

If you lack basic survival knowledge, then you and your family are at risk... For those who want to learn how to survive a natural disaster like Harvey, I'd highly recommend Cody Lundin's book, "When All Hell Breaks Loose"... The book has excellent advice including the tip Karl mentioned about the hot water heater containing potable water...

Finally, as a former professional hunting guide, trapper, fisherman, rancher and survival instructor,I'd highly recommend that you seriously think about redundancy regarding your preps --- especially water. Don't just rely on one source, e.g., hotwater heater. What happens if the wind knocks a tree over onto your house and smashes your hot water heater or renders it unreachable?

The rule of thumb is have a plan B and C when it comes to critical items like water. Also, don't forget what kills most people in a survival situation is failure to maintain core body temperature... Hypothermia and hyperthermia can kill in less than three hours --- sometimes less than an hour..

Flooding, of course, is the number one killer during and shortly after a hurricane... So, first be worried about too much water, then not enough...
2017-09-06 14:54:55