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User Info On Irma And Stupidity; entered at 2017-09-06 14:35:21
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Registered: 2008-10-06
...the turd-worlders bring their culturally ingrained habits with them and make the bottled water companies a fortune.

Once you travel the world, you will realize how small a proportion of the global population has potable municipal tap water. Even in the PRC, in the top tier of Tier 1 cities, like Beijing and Shanghai, municipal water is not potable out of the tap. A selling point there in high-end hotels and residences is potable water out of the tap (using on-site RO or filtration). Even in many rural parts of southern France that I visited, the municipal water is not potable. The ubiquity of high-quality water in the US is an unsung accomplishment.
2017-09-06 14:35:21