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User Info Spare Me The Outrage About DACA; entered at 2017-09-05 20:13:34
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
Click - What you propose is good in theory, but how do you prove someone is legal or illegal?

If I get pulled over the officer has no jurisdiction to make me prove I am a U.S. citizen. I can say YOU are illegal, should you really need to show your birth certificate (Which can be faked)because I falsely accused you of something?

How do you prove a negative?

In my humble opinion it should not be the employers job to verify the authenticity of a document, what type of training does the average employer have to say a SS Card is fake or not? Why hold employers responsible for figuring out what document is real and who it belongs to. That job lies with the state and banks.

Unless you can show a valid birth certificate, your child does not go to school (Probably a good thing there) If you can not prove you are a citizen, you get no social benefits - NONE!!!! If you can not show an actual birth certificate, no drivers license. No proof of citizenship, no car loans, no home loans or any type of loan, with the possible exception of credit cards, but the bank that gave the card to someone who could not prove citizenship should eat the lose every time.

Just stop giving them our American Birthright and most of this goes away and many of the illegals who now own cars or houses will be forced to sell at a loss. And you and I will not be labeled racist as the political pressure will be were it belongs on the state.

2017-09-05 20:13:34