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User Info There Are Two Ways To Be 'Rich'; entered at 2017-09-05 08:37:01
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Registered: 2012-04-19 South of Canada
Believe I've mentioned before that my ex was the type that had to have material luxuries to allegedly be happy. I surrendered to buying the Lexus and countless other smaller ticket items but it was clear that the path she was on would be unsustainable. If you find happiness in stuff it always takes more stuff to stay happy. Of course a car or handbag or what have you won't make someone happy, but I couldn't convince her of that. The irony is that without my saving nature there would never have been money to buy luxury items, at least without using credit.

Since she left I've been able to live quite contently on half the income. Found a wonderful woman who is perhaps more thrifty than I am. Have refi'd into a 15 year and paying extra principle each month. In less than a decade the mortgage will be retired and we will be 100% debt free. I'm not a huge fan of Dave Ramsey but I like his message on debt. Being debt free is how I plan to be "rich."
2017-09-05 08:37:01