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User Info There Are Two Ways To Be 'Rich'; entered at 2017-09-04 13:46:42
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Registered: 2008-11-14 RECALL STATE USA
A lot of good comments there. I for one have always promised myself to never become car or house poor. I did get a little lucky in that one year after my divorce in CT my house appreciated 100% because of IBM moving into CT area. So when I had to move to my new job in WI I had a nice cash balance. That was back in 1986 and I have never had any debt and always saved at least 20% of what I made and I did very well in my new position to become one of four top people in the company. I have been retired for about eight years and me and my new wife of 29 years are doing well.
2017-09-04 13:46:42