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User Info There Are Two Ways To Be 'Rich'; entered at 2017-09-04 12:50:41
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Registered: 2010-01-10 Giant Side of Texas
My work requires I have a pickup capable of pulling 6,000# at times. I have found early 2000 Fords with the V10 work great. I bought a '99 for $3,500 and drove it for almost 200,000 miles and blew a head gasket. During the 200,000 miles I developed a good relationship with a mechanic. Many times my truck went in for service on Wednesday night and was back on the road Thursday morning. They did oil changes with full authority to fix anything they found. I averaged $250 a month per year for service.
Sure it's nickle and dimeing but that thing makes me $$$.
When the head gasket let go my mechanic knew of a relatively low mile,152,000, 2001 for $5K. My first truck was in the shop, mechanic made a call, I looked at the truck and wrote the check. Next day I moved tools and was back in business. That was 2 months ago and the truck has paid for itself. Doing this makes me have a relationship with a great mechanic. My $$ is regular and he moves other work out of the way to put me in and has worked evenings and weekends to be sure I stay working.
Same with lodging. I have found if you look, many of the older motels have as great a bed as most midpriced motels and because I have high dollar tools I do not leave in my truck, a back in motel is easier to live with. When all I can charge is the GSA daily perform, if I can find a nice, safe, clean room for $50 cash the rest goes in my pocket. Sure I can do a $135 Holiday Inn Express but all I get is a tax write off. To hell with Uncle Sam. The money I save gets put in my pocket. And knowing the $80 odd dollars in my pocket is mine.
2017-09-04 12:50:41