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User Info There Are Two Ways To Be 'Rich'; entered at 2017-09-04 11:36:51
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Registered: 2017-09-04 Boston, MA
It's also tough to wait for a full 20% down [and only a 15-year loan] to buy that house..
It's also tough to create and stick to a cashflow budget including putting away for retirement and that house in the future and emergencies.. I do buckets for categories of spending.

It could be considered impossible to live life without credit cards, but if you're executing a zero-base budget then there's no actual reason for them. [Discover may offer you 5% cash-back on restaurants this month.. but you'd be better off financially if you didn't go to Ruth's Chris at all.. and just used the debit card tied to your bank account]

I'll never say don't enjoy life --- my favorite restaurant here in Boston is a Brazilian meat place [churrascaria?] where myself and the lady get almost 4 pounds of meat for under $25 total, and I confirmed with the owner [because it's a ma-and-pa establishment with 9 tables] that it's the same meat distributor and brand of grill that Fogo De Expensive uses downtown.

And that car shouldn't be anything resembling great until after the home purchase..
And those grocery runs can be all stocking up on discounts even if it's top quality stuff like sirloins.. just froze some for $2.50/lb..

It's also a fun experience to buy something [sofa/TV/etc] costing >$200 using all cash to get a gigantic discount nearly 40-50% off list and off what others in the area charge for the same item. But you can't do that unless you plan your shopping like a mission..

Happy labor day everyone
2017-09-04 11:36:51