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User Info Whistling Past the Dead Netflix, You Be...; entered at 2017-08-12 14:09:58
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Registered: 2017-06-16 Los Angeles, Ca
Hulu won't survive either. It's really an impossible situation with content pirating.

Content producers are losing money and it simply isn't becoming profitable or even feasible to go into film, music or books. For example, in film there's been a massive drop in original screen plays, and now the vast majority is previously branded content or remakes. It's all become data driven. But the thing about data driven content is it can only tell you what you already like.

This has forced the content providers to try to squeeze the content distributors, but who's gonna pay for content when they can get it for free. This devaluation of content has already wrecked havoc. You have an older set of artists like Roger Waters and the late David Bowie saying it might be foolish to go into music today because they don't see how you're going to make money. This is the case in about every category: you have older artists advising younger artist to not do it. In music, books, film, etc.

So we complain about the lack of content, but who can afford to produce it and distribute it anymore? So of course there's going to be a lack of content. This has and is going to cause further damage that's very difficult to reverse as it's not easy to just create professional artists and right now there's going to be a generation of artists lost because they've literally starved.
2017-08-12 14:09:58