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User Info Be Scientifically Right, Get Fired; entered at 2017-08-12 08:08:09
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Registered: 2009-08-24 Blueridge
Feminism and Affirmative Action have been unmitigated disasters for America, for American men, and for the American family.

We've been displaced by lesser qualified minorities and women in the name of fairness.

Thought exercise: Would an NBA team that took on 5'8" white men and obese black women (because diversity) be competitive with a team made up of the best players?

How about a nuclear physics team? Would the team that AA hired a downs syndrome guy be as good as the team that took the best nuclear physicists?

No. And no.

Yet we're supposed to believe that somehow lowering the bar so less qualified people can participate somehow enhances overall performance.

Bull****. 100% pure unadulterated bull****.

Jordan Petersen and Stephen Molyneux speak wisely on this topic.

I wish KD could get on SM's show sometime. That would be a great interview.
2017-08-12 08:08:09