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User Info Be Scientifically Right, Get Fired; entered at 2017-08-11 20:05:16
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But the bottom line is, that isn't Google's issue. First, Silicon Valley is not diverse at all, although they like to pretend to be. Just go to their favorite club, the Battery, and it's a white nerd sausage fest.

Google's firing is about liability because Silicon Valley tech companies do have a real budding problem with sexual harassment. A lot of it is due to ego and the fact that a lot of these guys have zero social skills so they come across really badly and vulgar.

Google's firing him is about stirring up a problem they see developing: a class action lawsuit involving sexual harassment and possibly even management not only looking the other way but participating in it.

It's not about whether they believe in diversity or not, they preach it but they don't practice it. Sure they force a few minorities and women in so they can shove them in front of a camera, but that's all PR.

It was the same thing when all of a sudden the NFL got concerned about concussions and started aggressive flagging it. It's because they were facing litigation. Now that it's settled, yeah, they're really concerned.

This is all about Google trying to get in front of a really bad litigation and PR problem they would have. What Google behind the scenes probably thought about this guy: are you an idiot.

This is about Google heading off a bigger problem. And yes, sexual harassment is a real problem in Silicon Valley, which gets over looked. And I get that no one here is condoning sexual harassment. But there's two things involved:

1. Google's actions have at all nothing to do with ideology.

2. And that tech companies can and do get away with sexual harassment (which goes to show how untouchable they've become).

Now I get it, that white males are just more into tech and computers than most minorities and women, so we would expect to see this reflected in the work force. But believing that Silicon Valley is really enforcing diversity beyond some token PR moves is silly.

Also, Silicon Valley has been coming more and more into conflict with the Progreasives in the bay area. And it's been escalating. Remember those Google Glasses back in 2013. It was because of the people of San Francisco that Google dropped it. Not only were they being banned in SF bars and restaurants, people started attacking people wearing them and destroying the glasses on the street. And then there was good ole Tom Perkins when he came to speak in SF in 2014 that he needed police protection because he was going to get lynched possibly.

But this firing was all about liability which is probably why he knew he was going to get fired.

2017-08-11 20:05:16