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User Info Handicapping The Norks; entered at 2017-08-11 18:41:15
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One question for you, Karl, do you think the recent tests demonstrate sufficient lift capability? I've been mulling this over, and I'm guessing even with an inert rocket test they would need to ballast the cone of the rocket with essentially the same mass as the warhead in order to properly test the stability and guidance systems. Thoughts?

Exactly. Rockets have to have their CG sufficiently far forward or they don't fly -- they tumble. It's exactly the opposite of what you think.
I can only hope--as Trump has hinted at--that we have some combat capabilities that have not yet been demonstrated publicly. Otherwise there will be massive loss of life.

There is no way to take out the quantity of field pieces they have buried in those mountains quickly or easily. Even if you carpet-nuked them you wouldn't get them all, and we realistically can't do that without also nuking Seoul and everything around it with the fallout, so forget that idea. We don't have anywhere near the cruise missile inventory to target all of them, etc.

Basically the problem is that it's "one shot, one piece dead" sort of work, and they have a LOT of them dug into the mountains. Yes, we can get them, but they'll get off a lot of shells -- enough to really trash things south of the DMZ, and one has to assume they'll fire all the short-range rockets (scuds, etc) as well, many of THEM being hidden in the mountains also.

There's no good way to knock this stuff out. It's all conventional, much of it is quite old, but I assure you it all still works and will still cause a hell of a lot of damage.
2017-08-11 18:41:15