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I agree. I don't even think it'll be much of a fight. Football team are hard to organize and maintain personnel and equipment. Militaries much more so. I doubt half the orders of the North Korean Army would be followed or even received, and certainly half their equipment doesn't even work and the majority of their military isn't sufficiently trained to deploy--just getting 11 guys to move in a coordinated way is hard.

But, behind the scenes corporation from China would help ensure their neutrality. But I would guess we already have their neutrality, of course I can't guarantee that. But one would think that even they're tired of North Korea's blackmailing.

The Saudis do the same thing with us. They don't wan to deal with internal groups, so they fund and export terror groups and then have us deal with them. But, we of course were complacent in creating this problem.

But I'm tired of hearing about these supposedly vaunted third world armies and how we need to be intimidated by them. Just like all that bluster we heard about the feared Iraqi Republican Guard.

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