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User Info Be Scientifically Right, Get Fired; entered at 2017-08-11 17:05:01
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New York Times David Brooks calls for Google CEO to resign over this.

In his memo, Damore cites a series of studies, making the case, for example, that men tend to be more interested in things and women more interested in people. (Interest is not the same as ability.) Several scientists in the field have backed up his summary of the data. Despite how its been portrayed, the memo was fair and factually accurate, Debra Soh wrote in The Globe and Mail in Toronto.

Geoffrey Miller, a prominent evolutionary psychologist, wrote in Quillette, For what its worth, I think that almost all of the Google memos empirical claims are scientifically accurate.

Also Damore did an Op-Ed in the WSJ today, but most of it is behind a paywall.
2017-08-11 17:05:01