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User Info Handicapping The Norks; entered at 2017-08-11 15:43:20
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Now, looking above, a successful EMP was generated at a much higher altitude which indicates that the re-entry problem mentioned in the original post does not have to be completely solved. A partial solution is good enough...

EMP isn't the sort of threat made out to be. Yes, it's real, but it's a hell of a lot more complicated than just setting off a nuke just outside the atmosphere, and the actual damage IMHO wouldn't be anywhere near the scaremongering that has gone on.
As for the goad them into attacking option, I think I would just go ahead and paste the hell out of them in a surprise attack. Why give them a free shot for the sake of being able to say "they shot first"? Like I said in my first post, we might just have to redefine "win" and go to it.

Because it won't materially change the conventional artillery outcome in terms of rounds they can fire, but it will likely result in fewer casualties in the South and if it keeps China out of it as it is a clear retaliatory strike it's worth it on that basis.

If it was going to materially change the conventional artillery count I'd be with you on "hit 'em at night and by surprise", but it won't -- and there is a VERY material PR advantage to be had if they shoot first.
2017-08-11 15:43:20