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This morning on the AM broadcast news was some story about a singer celebrity who died, his music was good, but so do we all. Facebook and the internet are just logical extensions of what TV and movies have done and Karl brilliantly described here. They show us happiness in a non-real way for people to escape, not look within and to shape public personality. In the early part of the twentieth century America was beginning the transition to a consumer society and people, especially women, were converted to happiness machines seeking such not in personal contact, culture, inherent beauty and the transcendental, but in what was being sold to them. Purchases became less about quality and long lasting utility, but as aspiration. The brilliance with ****book and the other online narcissism dumps is that under the old model of television production and advertising, the merchant class at least had to do the work and produce content. The interactive nature of the internet and self-posting nature of ****book makes the public do the heavy lifting. User generated content is a major factor of the internet business model as owners of properties extract a rent from users activities either directly in desirable content or network marketing. Think of user reviews posted on Amazon and realize that people are working for these internet landlords for free.

Since we have been on the subject of shunning and there is an angle of educating others positively with our decisions, this might help. It is amazing what you will tolerate until you decide not to do so. Over the past eighteen years, I had a rule on my boat among the few others and guidelines. All phones had to be turned off and given to me, no exceptions. Since my boat could be single-handed, this did not affect me at all. The few times people visit me or attend an event, even rarer, all phones must be placed in my Faraday cage on the old telephone table at the door, over twenty years of doing this. I am also militant, and there are some religious and business reasons for this which I explain, about not being photographed. Never made a big deal over this or had a major issue. This includes places where I work. It starts the conversation like we are having here.

This also gets extended to dating and socializing, and I never had nor do now have an issue. There is no chance of any type of long term relationship or serious dating if the person has an active Facebook or pop social media profile profile. Involvement with a busy executive had significantly less technology interruptions than the average person and she loved texting for fun, yet could have time together and a home life without the phone BS.

In my firm there was WW III over my rule that tech was silent and vibrate off during client interactions, appointments and presentations. I also banned it during driving. Funny how people appreciated it over time as their effectiveness increased. Apple products were never allowed to be in my office or access my network and they are never allowed in my home. Starts a nice discussion here.

Working for some people of means you see the regular ins and outs of their lives. Often they do enjoy what media omits as the mundane and regular as do many like us. It would be boring to not do things like cook, clean, fix and maintain. There is a simple joy in being as self-sufficient as possible. Housework is not drudgery; it is an escape from the noise and hurried nature of the world. I enjoy a good shave or thinking about what I am going to cook for dinner while fixing the car or preparing something for a client. The media cannot sell the sound of the insects outside my window as i clean up after dinner. There has been a constant business world movement to make us resent regular life and want to hurry through it to do something fun that we would never have thought to do had they not convinced us. You time off work is spent like everyone else, usually all trying to get to the same place to have fun and not having fun in the process, when all you have to do is take a walk, look at a tree, make dinner and possibly enjoy it with some people who matter.
2017-08-09 08:55:50