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User Info Facepig, Snapfool and You; entered at 2017-08-08 18:52:32
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I had FB on my previous phone. It was "meh". On a little screen compared to a 24" monitor? Then it decided to update and wanted permission to access and use pretty much everything on the phone. Like really? It wants to read my e-mail? And send e-mail as me? Oh, hell no. Uninstall.
The current phone doesn't and will never have FB.

If I could figure how to root it, most of the Google stuff on the new phone would be gone.

I use FB for FarmVille 99.5% of the time. On my PC with AdBlock Plus. I'll toss up a recipe I've made or a meme stolen from somewhere. With most all of my on-line friends, we've shared an e-mail list since 1997 or so. Most of us have met in person. If I get to Australia, I'll meet a few more in person.

FB is handy for a few things. I can live without it.

I have maybe 4 contacts in my phone that I actually talk to plus one that prefers to text. The rest of the contacts are "don't answer" for the drama, they can send a msg or e-mail. I've done my best to disable voicemail... my phone doesn't tell me if I have a voicemail.

Tangent change....

I found a group a couple of weeks ago about cord cutting. Cord cutting is getting rid of cable TV or DirecTV and going to an antenna and (for me) a Roku. It's been educational. I'm about to drop the group because I'm about as educated as I need. Nice folks there.

On the plus side, I've dropped DirecTV at $143 a month. Times that by 12! On the negative side, we're missing 3 or 4 channels we liked to watch. I know how to get them but for now I'm being "economical". That sound you hear is me squeezing a buffalo nickle.

I had DirecTV for almost 19 years. I started with a Sony dish I bought on eBay and went to their so-so hardware for HD 8 years ago to feed the new 55" Vizio.

So, yeah, I missed the whole mess of TV going digital. Wow! The local stations in HD look awesome. The morning weatherman has whiskers when he does the evening weather! For a one time charge of $50 for an antenna plus $60 for a Roku Premier, we have more free TV than we have time to watch. My 'net connection is slow but it works ok for a movie on Prime. The Roku has a ton of free channels and I don't mind a few commercials.

2017-08-08 18:52:32