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User Info Facepig, Snapfool and You; entered at 2017-08-08 17:20:20
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Registered: 2010-03-24
No FB for me ever, or any of the other apps.

The ones who are so wrapped up in it are too busy running with the herd to even stop and ponder what the hell it is they're doing with their lives.

The only people I have actual phone conversations with are my daughter and 3 or 4 others who are 60+ years old. Even texting, at times, is becoming too stupid for me. Look out if someone doesn't like the particular emoji you used or how you worded your text!!!..or maybe you were too slow with your response! smiley

About 5 years ago, when a niece said she had taken 600 photos of her firstborn, in just 2 weeks, I knew that what I had always thought of as "normal" life was gone for good.


2017-08-08 17:20:20