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User Info Facepig, Snapfool and You; entered at 2017-08-08 15:56:36
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I use Fakebook primarily to keep in touch with distant family and a handful of good friends that are separated by large distances. I don't have it on my current phone at all. I'm in a group or two, but my activity in them is almost non existent. Any notifications that are sent my way end up in the trash by default. Only when I log in do I see the note, and 99% of the time, it's some bull**** game someone wants me to play.

**** that.

I use Ghostery on all devices, and I can't really remember the last time I saw an ad. The performance improvements by cutting out that stuff was remarkable.

I use an instant messaging program for my brothers and my wife and kids and it's seldom used. I cannot imagine using it through FB on a portable device. Colossal time-suck. (which is to say, your life is wasted).

My smartphone of the day is some LG somethin' or other, and I don't intend to ever look at FB on a mobile. My DTEK60 is in for warranty work. I use my phone to check email; have it in the shop when I need to look up some torque spec or car repair, maybe look at Drudge, certainly to look at the Ticker, and to figure out how long until the rain gets here. It's here for my convenience, not for the convenience of others to tell me how great their lives are. Other people watch TV on the damned thing.


I've seen those people that post **** about how great things are going on LinkedIn, FB and this new piece of ****, 'Alignable'. Their lives are complete ****, and their careers are moving just above idle speed, but boy can they talk a good story.

When I'm without my phone, there are a few minutes of anxiety, and then I forget about it. Time passes more slowly, I get more stuff done, I think more about random things that matter to me. Same effect when I'm working without interference from a radio or television.

Some wise person (I think on this list) recently said, "Just because they give it to you doesn't mean you have to take it."

Fair enough.
2017-08-08 15:56:36