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User Info Facepig, Snapfool and You; entered at 2017-08-08 13:25:37
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Registered: 2012-10-01
I have always called it Fakebook. Late at night I would get up and use my wifes laptop. It would sometimes be on Fakebook. I would scroll through and read post after post about how fabulous someones life, kids, spouse, etc were. Knowing damn well, their world was one bad check from collapsing. After a while I began to see a trend. The same people "liked" each other's posts, time and time again. You reinforce my lie, and I will reinforce yours. Total fantasy.

I asked my wife why people didn't call someone out on the BS. She said if you do, then they will unfriend you!

I really worry about young people. Working with kids all day, I understand the insecurities of youth. Too fat, too skinny, pimples, etc. They are all huge issues. Add in the BS of social media, I don't know how kids can grow up "normal". I pray my kids can see through this and I try my best to point it out as much as possible.

I will make every member of my family read this ticker. Great ticker.
2017-08-08 13:25:37