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User Info We Can't Do Anything About.....; entered at 2017-08-06 08:54:47
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College Costs:

My step grandfather attended Georgetown University in DC during the 1920's. His family was not wealthy, and if fact was poor. He moved to DC and got a part time job and rented a room and put himself through GU and then law school at what is now the GW law school. His tuition per semester was about $225/semester at GU.

I had and uncle who attended a four year private (Catholic) college in the late '50 and early 60's. His total 4 year bill was just under $5900 including room and board. His first job was at an accounting firm in NYC making $6350/yr.

I attended a community college and then a private (Catholic) university in the late '70's to mid '80s and graduated with an engineering degree. My total cost was just under $34,000 (including room, board, books & fees) and I had $7500 in loans when I graduated. My first job after I graduated was at a small engineering firm making $24,500/yr.

Notice the trend.

Health Insurance:

We had a small family contracting business in MD. In 1999 the State of MD instituted the MD Mandated Insurance Plan for employers in MD with 2 - 50 employees ( we fell in this category). In 5 years our health insurance costs tripled. From about $3300 per month to about $11,000 month. We used to pay the entire cost of the employees insurance, but after 5 years the employees were paying half.

Sold the business in 2004 and got the hell out of working for the gov't insurance companies and having everyone else's hand in my pocket before I could put mine in.

We are being scammed and the average John & Jane Q Public are completely ignorant and want to be scammed more.
2017-08-06 08:54:47