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I've done shunning twice. Once was a friend who worked in HR. One job she hired illegals and coached them on their paperwork. I told her that there was an American man willing to do every last one of those jobs and she was making money to make sure they couldn't get work. Then she moved to a multi-national company where she was told to only hire 30-35 year olds with 5-10 years experience. She interviewed enough older, out-of-work guys to keep the company legal in the U.S. When I lost my job at 49, I told her that people like her were directly to blame. When her son lost his job one year after college, I told her she was to blame - did she expect to never be affected by her actions? I have never spoken to her again but have told everyone possible about those companies hiring practices. Hopefully I saved someone from wasting their time or feeling bad about not getting a job they never had a chance for. But there's no way for me to get near the top guys to shun.

Another was a small company that sold cool science stuff but when the owner started going all-in on 0bama and global warming, I took my kids and money elsewhere. He went out of business several years later. You're an idiot to run a retail business while alienating any portion of your good customers. I've taken plenty of business to other companies when I've been treated badly; JC Penney and Amazon are just the latest.

As to college costs, AP tests (you don't have to take the class to take the test but you do have to study), dual credit if it's offered and your prospective college accepts it, CLEP tests are worth checking into, community college to start unless they've already earned almost everything they can before high school graduation (my oldest had 50 credit hours of college so there was nothing left to take at the 2-year college). Pretty much try to spend the minimum on all the gen. ed. cr@p and only pay for degree specific classes at your university. I probably wouldn't send a kid who didn't get academic scholarships because I don't think they'd be ready for college. We put one kid through in 7 semesters and the other kid is on track to do the same. Saves a lot of money and puts them in the job market at the start of the year when there's fewer new grads competing. But parents must insert themselves into the process to make sure the classes get lined up correctly - some of them hate it when the parents show up for advisor meetings but some are fine with it.
2017-08-06 07:26:22