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User Info We Can't Do Anything About.....; entered at 2017-08-06 06:57:29
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In the late 90s someone wrote me a check on their Wells Fargo account.

I walked into a branch to cash it but they wanted $5 to cash the check because I wasn't a customer.

I explained that the customer was the one that wrote the check, and that if they wanted to **** someone it should be them.

I also explained to the manager of the bank that I would NEVER be a customer because I would never want to be embarrassed that someone had to pay $5 to cash a check from me.

And to this day I won't take a check from someone written on that friggin bank.

I've done the same with B of A for a lonnng time.

When I had my telephone installation business in LA in the early '90s a customer's check for $1300 was returned for NSF. The customer promised to make it good if I would just "be patient." My patience ended 2 weeks later and I started calling his bank every day to see if funds were available. One day the funds were finally available and I drove straight to the customer's bank (B of A). I asked if they would charge me for a certified check and the teller said yes because I didn't have an account with them. I said, "Fine, give me cash." Mr. Smartass then said, "Are you planning on leaving the country?" I replied, "No, but I want to speak with your manager." He turned pale and I let him squirm for a minute. Then I looked him in the eye, raised my voice and said, "Just get my ****ing money."

I loathe all of the mega banks and have done my banking with either credit unions or small local banks since the '70s.
2017-08-06 06:57:29