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Nonsensical ...


I will have my daughter show me the actual wording when she returns from camping on Monday. It probably is ignorance on her part, but the bottom line is that all of this stuff is new to these young adults (and who, if 18 or older are legally bound by any contracts which they sign), and universities should be extra careful to make sure that their emails/presentations are absolutely clear. If there is any ambiguity, I will most certainly contact the Financial Aid department with a suggestion to put in their suggestion box.

Over a year ago, she went into a Verizon store to get something fixed, and came out with a new phone ("you are eligible for an upgrade") and nearly double the monthly payment. She was under the impression that the rate would be the same (if not lower). Luckily she wasn't 18 yet (she's on my plan), so I was able to have Verizon reverse the transaction. It took some doing, but it was doable.

These kids need to understand that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I guess that's what old age brings you.

2017-08-05 16:32:51