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First let me thank you for sharing your experience, I edited this in as I had not taken the time to qualify my response like I should have. Because it's important to really look at what we're doing and at the very least see what's in our immediate power to influence things.

Is that what the email said exactly?: a Stafford scholarship (not Stafford loan) and it said you had to meet with a mentor once a month.

That all seems a bit confusing because Stafford does identify themselves as a loan because there are difference between loans vs grants vs scholarships. These are not interchangeable words.

I've never heard of a Stafford Scholarship--unless there's some person out there who set up a scholarship whose names also happens to be Stafford.

Some schools may require "counseling" before a Stafford loan is released. It's a one time meeting, and it varies from school to school what it consists of. I've never heard of a Stafford Loan requiring any kind of monthly mentoring either (sometimes scholarships can have that kind of condition).

Sometimes certain entities will try to bundle loans and scholarships together, or that basically they'll help you receive aid if you take their loan. Something like, borrow $5k from them and they'll "grant" you a $200 scholarship. These are from commercial entities.

And then there is rampant fraud in the student loan market, I mean just scams that will take your money and run, and of course that's just outright theft and is illegal. But they prey off of people's ignorance.

I'd say it's important in this case to identify whether the fault lies in the presentation, that is, it's an outright lie (but then you were able to identify it as a loan) or it's ignorance on your daughter's part. To identify a loan as a scholarship is outright fraud.

I know ignorance carries a negative connotation, and it shouldn't always, it just means lack of knowledge. In cases like these, you have an ability to address the problem. If it's fraudulent representation then report it. If it's your daughter not understanding what's being presented, then you can address that (and perhaps that should be more worrisome). In either case, you the parent CAN address it and not just simply say: well, what can you do, it's everywhere.

Because this is a real problem, we can't be too passive in our own knowledge and educating the youth and just constantly blame the "other side". Because at some point, if people insist on being a door mat, then there is no choice for others but to step on you, purposely or inadvertently.

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