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User Info We Can't Do Anything About.....; entered at 2017-08-05 15:32:22
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Registered: 2016-12-10 Austin TX area
Ticker, you say No One Gives A Crap (I agree.....kinda like slowly "boiling a frog," it has been incremental and no one seems to notice nor care). How about just say To Heck with It and move to a poorer, back-to-basics country? Countries whose biggest problems are pickpockets and bad roads and ocassional power outages. Plenty of beaches, hiking, boating, expat neighbors to drink good beer with, etc. Just wash you hands of this Failed State corruption?

ps - just talked to wealthy friend about his house on Panama's Pacific. He has a cedula (Panamanian ID card), as a US pensioner. He says the median cost of living for a US pensioner couple is $1,250 mo.
2017-08-05 15:32:22