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User Info We Can't Do Anything About.....; entered at 2017-08-05 14:29:26
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Daughter, yesterday ... "Mom! I just got an email from [the college she'll be attending]! I just got a $3500 a year scholarship!"

Me: "Ummm ... read it to me exactly."

Daughter: "It says I got a Stafford scholarship and all I need to do is go to dinner with a student mentor once a month."

Me: "That's a loan, not a scholarship. Google it."

Daughter: "You're right."

Me: "How do you reject it?"

Daughter: "I have to decline it."

Me: "Decline it. Now."

These colleges aren't institutions of higher learning. They're full employment programs for academics and a means for creating financial slave out of their "customers."

The deception is everywhere.
2017-08-05 14:29:26