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The university I went to is charging over $603 per credit for instate students. There is no way the education they are offering is worth $20K a year with tacked on fees. People need to start standing up and screaming when they realize they're getting ripped off.

I had a Calculus class my freshman year that 80% of us walked out, dropped the class and demanded a refund, which we got. It was such a big deal that Playboy magazine picked up on the story and printed in one of their issues. Simple story, we had a Teaching Assistant from China that could barely speak English teaching the class. The man had a very limited English vocabulary.

I tell everyone with kids to send them to the local community college for the first two years. The one by me is $107 per credit, or 18% of the cheapest public university in town.

It costs $36,200 at the big university or $6,466 at the local community college for the first two years. Spend $72,400 on a four year degree at the University or $42,666 for the first two two years at the community college and finish at the university your choice.

This crap isn't going to end unless students and parents say we're not paying more than X per credit take it or leave it. College is a business, all it would take to push a big university close to bankruptcy is a 25%-30% drop in enrollment. They're all living high on the hog on these university campuses as they say, all it takes is a drop in revenue and the party is over in an instant.

I'll give you cute story that happened to my cousin. Dad is a Dr. Ear Nose and Throat, and his son went through four years of pre-med graduating with a 4.0 GPA. He was then passed over for admittance to the Universities Medical School. Had he had been a foreign student, he would have been admitted in an instant.

He only got in the next year after my uncle wrote a $25K check to the medical school. Yep daddy had to bribe the medical school to get his son a straight A 4.0 GPA student into the medical program.

Just for S&Giggles I looked up Carnegie Mellon at $52K a year, Duquesne University is $35K and Robert Morris is $25.4K, University of Pittsburgh $18.1K and if your in Nursing $23K a year, Pharmacy is $31K a year, computer science is $19.5K. Even if you get a good paying job right out of school, how long is it going to take you to pay off an $80K to $100K school debt, let alone an engineering degree out of CMU which cost you north of $210K?

All in all the cost of a college education should be half of the above rates.
They would be if it wasn't for all the easy money students can get in government loans. If there was a limit of $10K a year allowed in student loans I'd bet the cost of a college education would average under $15K a year.
2017-08-05 14:16:21