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User Info We Can't Do Anything About.....; entered at 2017-08-05 13:02:08
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I propose an alternative, perhaps not much easier to use than the boycott method, but it is much more targeted. Every act of theft, fraud, or outrageous behavior by a group originates with an individual in the group. When you were running with your friends, someone complained. Who? I think that any action or decree or decision by a group should be traceable to whoever originated it. Evil loves to hide in a crowd, and groups should be transparent about where their rules originate. The consequences should be borne by that person.

Nope, and here's why that won't work - the reason the original act was destructive at all was that it was amplified, protected and even compelled by the larger organization.

Take the running group. One homeowner by himself could not have done anything since he or she lacks the ability to do so. Indeed it may have been someone coming out of their clubhouse ****hammer drunk and driving, which we have observed in the past and no, we didn't call the cops on them. Nonetheless that one person had nothing they could do.

But, by invoking the power of the collective, they CAN do something and did. The collective decided, using a process the members put in place, to act. Fine; in this case their acts are lawful. But then the consequence for those acts, which I find distasteful, must fall on the entire collective.

The same is true for Wells Fargo. One individual account manager could have never ****ed more than a few dozen people and without the backing of the collective he or she would have been detected and fired. Instead the original actor was rewarded and recruited others in the collective to participate in their crooked scheme! Thus Wells screwed hundreds of thousands instead of the dozens ONE PERSON could have harmed.

Again, the EXISTENCE of the collective is the ENTIRE REASON that the harm was manifest. The same is true for the hospital. Singly, one physician could never get away with billing one person 100x what he bills someone else; he'd have no 100x billed customers in an hour, and the REST of the doctors at the same hospital would have ALL the business! In addition if the collective disagreed with what he was doing he would be caught and fired. It is only through the use of force enabled by the collective that he can get away with it and spread it throughout so ALL the doctors in the place pull the same ****.

You don't like where this goes, and thus you don't want to do it. It means that you would have to cut off a large number of people who you KNOW work for places that pull **** like this. There's literally nobody that hangs around with someone for any length of time without them talking about their work, where they live and similar minor details that give away said associations -- right?

You know good and ******n well I'm right. In fact, you know good and ******n well that the shunning might well apply to you and your family by virtue of your voluntarily-disclosed line of work right here on the forum in your user profile that everyone here can see!

Health care is just one example; it's one dollar in five in the economy so I'll bet it's also one person in five who you know that works for these financial rapists and earns a living DIRECTLY as a consequence of the butt****ing they serve up on you AND EVERYONE ELSE.

In your particular case, given your public profile, I bet the percentage is much higher than one in five.....

Fine and well but then just admit it right here and now: You're perfectly ok with all the butt****ing that is going on because you will not take lawful actions available to you that would collapse said corrupt structures and in fact, in your particular case, you earn your living in no small part because of it!

It's a CHOICE and you've made it.

Enjoy the consequences but I will call YOU responsible in part because you are, and it is your choices and actions upon which those screwings rely for endorsement and thus it continues on a daily basis.

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