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User Info We Can't Do Anything About.....; entered at 2017-08-05 12:44:23
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Registered: 2014-11-04 Melbourne Florida
This is a rare occasion in which I find myself in disagreement, and have a suggestion for an alternative approach.

I do not think this approach of shunning all the people in a group which has p*ssed me off is practical. If it is a small local business, then yes, I will not do business with them, and have used this tactic often. In general, though, the larger and less local the group is, the less this is likely to have an affect. In addition, I do not in general have the luxury of having data on where everyone I meet works and who they associate with and do business with. It does not seem likely that the boycott could be spread widely even amoung friends. It seems more likely that insisting that everyone I meet join multiple boycotts as a condition of being my friend would isolate me rather than the intended targets. Finally, group politics sometimes change and members of the group may not even be aware of it.

I propose an alternative, perhaps not much easier to use than the boycott method, but it is much more targeted. Every act of theft, fraud, or outrageous behavior by a group originates with an individual in the group. When you were running with your friends, someone complained. Who? I think that any action or decree or decision by a group should be traceable to whoever originated it. Evil loves to hide in a crowd, and groups should be transparent about where their rules originate. The consequences should be borne by that person.

For example, who in Wells Fargo decided to create the fake accounts? Who in banking decided MERS could override the mortgage registration legally required by counties across the country? Who in banking then decided they could institute robosigning to cover it up and commit fraud upon thousands of courts of law? Who in the government decided they could use taxpayer money to build the Bluffdale site for NSA spying on citizens that is larger than the Pentagon?

I think the reason there is so much stupid crap going on now is that there is no accountability, because there has been no prosecution of obvious high crimes and treason by elites this century, and the notion that you can get away with just about anything has spread. Without the return of accountability, I do not see a way to fix this.
2017-08-05 12:44:23