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User Info Oh Look, A Lifetime Addict w/ A $500,000 Bill; entered at 2017-07-17 13:44:49
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By the way - I forgot to mention the "costs" of Emily's cancer and CAR-T treatments. While she didn't break down the costs between the various treatments, the six rounds of chemo, stem-cell transplant and the CAR-T treatment over a 2 year period exceeded $3 million (with her insurance and research funding for the CAR-T experimental treatment picking up the overwhelming majority of it).

She is lucky that she found herself in a insurance system that was willing to shell out the money for this. I am of the opinion like most on this site. If I don't win the genetic lottery and my ticket is going to get punched earlier than I would have liked, I see what insurance will cover (expecting nothing beyond the "standard" chemo/radiation treatments that attempt to kill the cancer before it kills me) and then it is an economic decision from there for me and my family if I have saved enough and the cost is worth the potential outcome (i.e. is it worth paying $400k for a drug that has a track record of extending life by 6 months? - maybe, if $400k is just a drop in the ol' money bucket and it doesn't mean just another six months confined to a hospital bed and hoping the MRSA doesn't kill me before the cancer does).
2017-07-17 13:44:49