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User Info Where is Investigative Reporting?; entered at 2017-07-17 11:21:28
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The MSM love McStain because he hates Trump, would not doubt that their affection for him led them to down playing the story. Every bad story that comes out against Trump begins with "even fellow republicans like Senator John McCain think the President is in trouble...".

At his age, no matter what it is they found, uh, is he capable of doing anything? I mean heck even if he was a Wal-mart greeter he should retire. Let a lone a US Senator. He is not going to be able to walk up a flight of stairs for 6mo, yet he is going to stay in the Senate.

And along this same line of thinking, oh my Grandma Pelosi needs to hang it up too, right now! She is losing her mind, she is losing her words and forgets what she is talking about and time after time she calls Trump Bush by mistake.

Welcome to the fall of Rome, where are "elected" leaders refuse to let go of the position and power, even though they literally are not fit to do the job anymore.
2017-07-17 11:21:28