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User Info So Why Only Here?; entered at 2017-07-17 09:26:36
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Registered: 2010-05-23 Twin Cities
It goes beyond Facebook likes or data sharing of searches though. Personal anecdotal story hear but worth sharing I think...

While my wife was in the hospital, recovering from a significant procedure and accompanying complications, we were having a somewhat sleep deprived, pain medication influenced(on her part) conversation that took a turn to the absurd. I made a comment jokingly saying, "who knows, maybe I'll get a reverse vasectomy for fun!" This was said in jest between my wife and I, no one else was in the room. This was SAID to eachother, not put in an e-mail or commented on Facebook. It was merely SAID OUT LOUD in the "privacy" of her single bed hospital room.

Later that night, while browsing Facebook, her featured add said, "Click here for quotes on reverse vasectomies."


Had the topic not been so obscure, we never would have noticed or would have chalked it up to coincidence.

I've refused to knowingly participate in the "always on" microphone idea, denying entry to my home of any of the Google/Amazon voice activated devices but apparently, the switch was not turned off on my wife's phone and Lord only knows how long it has been listening to us and sharing data with Facebook and who knows who else.

Why this sort of "automatic opt-in" is allowed is infuriating. Shame on me for not looking more closely at her settings or reading the fine print but in my opinion, this should be something they have to ASK permission to collect, not put the burden on us to OPT-OUT.

Just my two cents...

2017-07-17 09:26:36