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User Info So Why Only Here?; entered at 2017-07-17 09:12:37
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Whitehat said:
One could hack the system. When driving to a bar, simply stop in front of the same church every time and turn off the phone. People tend to silence their phones in houses of worship, or at least they should. I am thinking of taping mine to the trunk of my nice neighbor who goes to morning Mass every day. Or, you can loan it to the nice folks going to the Mormon retreat. ok, being cute, but it makes a point.

Hmmm. I see nothing but a business opportunity here to feed bad/subversive data to the system. We'll send out our operatives with mobile devices containing your information to types of locations you designate. We'll also create for you a customized online presence.

Of course it could also be used in reverse. Have someone you don't like and feed the necessary data and we can make this person into the scoundrel of your choosing. smiley

The possibilities are endless. The sad fact is that most of this information already exists online to tag people in this manner.

In the end it makes these information resell services totally worthless if this is done often enough. Nothing like a little subversive digital espionage against people that can't mind their own business.

Thanks for the idea .... smiley
2017-07-17 09:12:37