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User Info So Why Only Here?; entered at 2017-07-17 01:40:57
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Registered: 2017-06-16 La Verne, CA
I'm not even sure what legitimate service these tech companies even offer in exchange for this information they retrieve. Google offers what? Search. Google wasn't the first search engine. The previous search engines did ultimately just become portals for advertisers or tried to wall you off into their sphere of control, but the reason they did that is because th early programmers in search were hesitant about privacy and copy right laws. Page and Brin simply didn't care, and for this they're considered geniuses.

Same thing with Zuckerberg, who I might add early on employed Sean Parker who unabashedly never saw a copyright he didn't like to violate.

These people literally have the attitude that it's not about who'll let them, but who'll stop them.

Much of the problems that the US faces could actually be resolved soundly by two states that have the power to literally force the rest of the country to follow: California and New York. Both of these states wield immense power, and for all of their do-good blathering by their politicians they not only don't do anything, they even condone it and create safe havens for these people. Whether it's corruption in the banks, wall Street, wage and environmental arbitrage, tech companies, privacy, etc. If both of these states said enough, it'd be a formidable power. I don't know about NY, but I know California, don't put too much hope in our politicians.
2017-07-17 01:40:57