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User Info You Mean They Were Stealing, Right?; entered at 2017-07-16 14:39:43
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Registered: 2011-03-24 Washington, DC
I see it constantly in the People's Republic of Maryland.

Where I do most of my grocery shopping.

And then there are the cheats collecting social security for permanent disability but don't have any physical issues when they must do something for themselves.

I was just involved in case where a woman plugged her I-phone charger into a electric outlet and shocked herself and sued. She claimed permanent injuries, pain, PTSD and couldn't work any more. After going through about 8 doctors found one who gave her a neck fusion. After a 5 year long court battle she lost the case and received nothing, but SSDI gave her disability. So now the taxpayers are supporting her.

Remember, the Obama administration took two million folks off the unemployment rolls and put them on SSDI. There are illegals who are jumping on this bandwagon too.

2017-07-16 14:39:43