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User Info So Why Only Here?; entered at 2017-07-16 13:47:13
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Registered: 2017-06-27 New York City
having a former client that owns a data aggregating and marketing firm confirms a lot of how bad things can get for people. pre smart phone it was a little easier to stay under the radar or control your narrative. essentially people have been lojacked. the various apps allow even greater granular control than when it was just cellular and text messaging. you can be in the smart phone environment, but should not install apps for the hell of it. you should never have Facebook on your phone. additionally i block a lot of things like Facebook at the script level when browsing and never maintain an active login in this and other crap. our security clients are always advised to simply take their name on Facebook, set the account to private and have nothing to do with it. Perhaps they use it and twitter for business on a dedicated system. try telling this to a millennial. i never have and never will post to Facebook or twitter personally.

here is a serious one. since everyone is lojacked and using their personal phones for business, there is an avenue for a competitor to use data aggregation to track competitors employees and executives in near real time and learn their overall habits. this would open up the can regarding private business dealings, customer locations, supplier locations, remote office locations, location of secure facilities, compromising information, you name it. Personal safety can also be compromised and outright threats as well as extortion are on the menu. we only hear about how some stupid pop celebrity left her bluetooth open and her whole address book was stolen. my wealthy clients of course use the internet, however their cellular phones are always owned under an entity and they seldom take or make a call in open view. none use anything other than an owned personal computer for internet use and messaging or a secure blackberry device when they need field access. smart executives concerned about security seldom carry phones, pay for a lot of things cash or funds transfer including regular purchases and are very aware not to bring phones certain places. they have emergency use phones for obvious reasons.

i did my last secure location contract before the mass acceptance of the modern smartphone. any time some former client or contact asks me about security for their company I ask if they are committed to allowing only company issued, properly secured phones to only be used and forbid personal devices with regular auditing. most do not want the hassle and take their chances.

it is very worthwhile to spend a little time doing a search of the data aggregators who are willing to show you what they know about you. if you are really interested an investigator can take it to the next level. with just a few unique pieces of data about you, almost anything is discover-able.
2017-07-16 13:47:13