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User Info So Why Only Here?; entered at 2017-07-16 10:47:24
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Registered: 2017-06-27 New York City
One could hack the system. When driving to a bar, simply stop in front of the same church every time and turn off the phone. People tend to silence their phones in houses of worship, or at least they should. I am thinking of taping mine to the trunk of my nice neighbor who goes to morning Mass every day. Or, you can loan it to the nice folks going to the Mormon retreat. ok, being cute, but it makes a point. For times when yours is off, you simply have a cheap burner that the main-line forwards to when off. Since you never make calls with the burner, it can't learn you. Turn it on once you are away from the house. It is only for emergencies, if you have such a need. The possibilities are endless. Essentially you can feed the system bad data through all avenues. Get creative. A used Android tablet gives me mapping when I want to take undocumented road trips. I even have a burner Gmail account in it; you have to know what you are doing so that it does not learn your home location.

I have been doing this since the 80's. Every warranty registration gets a much different, hyper positive image. Subscribe or take a sample subscription to something that makes you look good. Check off activities such as gardening, walking. Boost your income. Certain professions such as one of mine are actually viewed negatively due to the average profile; thus I came up with another. Use a VPN subscription for surfing to places where you do not want to be profiled such as health research. You must also have a totally different computer and never cross access. Used computers, even new ones, are cheap, have three with different uses and VPN. Make sure to change the DNS server settings. I am not saying this to do illegal things, though it could work. Use your burner computers to read about your dangerous or "interesting" hobbies and subscribe to related periodicals online using prepaid cards.

This is difficult for many, but consider not using your health insurance, especially if you have a chronic disease. Work with your doctor to use a false name for tests. Too much to go into here and there are economic considerations, but this is potentially a massive source.

Lie on questionnaires casually. Don't lie on big fraud type stuff, simply accidentally check that you have a master's degree, oops.

I have it from good sources that eating out could be a negative profile. Great, turn the phone off before you get there and pay cash. Bicycling is also an issue according to the same source.

The system forgets a lot of stuff after seven years, so start now even if you seem to be making a hard turn. Consider it being born again.

Before I get the whole inconvenience thing of turning off the ****ing phone, remember when we enjoyed socializing without the annoyance? A double benefit. Want to take a picture, learn how to disable GPS and go in airplane mode, before you get to your location. Or you could carry a small digital camera. Thin, light are dirt-cheap used on eBay, once $500 now $25.

Use your credit cards to only buy healthy normal groceries and usual sundries.

The system is being used against us and locking us into this model. Work it to your advantage.

Well I have to go now. On my way to the Catholic Worker where we feed the homeless. Actually, i turn off the phone while walking past on my way to something interesting, well between me and the gods. Did volunteer there for many years. No matter how bad you ever have it, serving others reminds you to be thankful.
2017-07-16 10:47:24