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User Info You Mean They Were Stealing, Right?; entered at 2017-07-15 16:09:01
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Ahhz - "I have to wonder how many of those 4,707 recipients who dropped, couldn't show up for a job/training. Not because they were disabled/couldn't find a ride, but because they only existed as paper/numbers in the system."

Great question, but my experience with this type of thing is, there is plenty of fraud going on with people taking advantage of these programs. However there is very little actual fraud going on, with the state creating phony numbers.

Yea fraud is fraud and the state is actually facilitating the fraud, but they are not creating empty accounts. (Maybe someone can prove that wrong???)

The budgets to most of these programs is based off the services provided and the number of people who take advantage of these services. The more people taking advantage of the service the greater the "Need" for the service and the larger the budget.

In many cases the social worker or whoever, is selling their product, the more people they sign up the better they look and the more "Valuable" their job is.

In the vast majority of cases the money is going to actual people, but like Tinman points out, it is going to folks who know how to take advantage of and get away with fraud.

And the state encourages it.
2017-07-15 16:09:01