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User Info You Mean They Were Stealing, Right?; entered at 2017-07-15 11:02:48
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On-the-ground report.....
Around here, there are an enormous amount of people who can be immediately identified as "unemployable". Missing huge amounts of teeth, speech impediments, incredibly low IQs, and very often physically messed up in various and often multiple but not immediately visible ways ways that prevent even meeting the basic physical requirements of entry-level retail. Deprived of SNAP (which is not particularly easy to get around in this area without having a brood of kids), there is one option for additional income: drug-dealing.

The illicit substances sold by these people are most often meth or opiates. Somehow street opiates exist locally in befuddling quantity, so obviously pharma companies are shipping to the area more than they know is necessary for legitimate medical treatment, fully expecting a large portion to be "diverted".

So, the most immediate result in these environs of reducing SNAP and other benefits by instituting work requirements and/or other restrictions is to increase the drug trade. Often the dealers become addicts and then need to support the habit - and you know how that's done. Driving behind any half-vacant strip mall around here, where the rats and dumpsters are, reveals competing crowds of malformed hordes offering their bodies for quick & casual hire. A steady stream of cars frequents these locations , ignored by police. Many of them feature license plates with oddly low, even single-digit numbers, and most of the cars are very expensive.

Pushing on one part of a big complicated problem can unintentionally cause goop to squirt out somewhere else.
2017-07-15 11:02:48