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User Info You Mean They Were Stealing, Right?; entered at 2017-07-15 10:59:16
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That is almost as good as when Obama pushed for 99 weeks of unemployment. I knew several guys in the trades that took their ninety nine weeks of unemployment and then went to work under the table. The funny thing was they ended up getting screwed when the unemployment ran out and them decided to look for a job.

Nothing says lazy good for nothing like showing up with an application two weeks before your unemployment runs out and you've been sitting on your butt for ninety seven weeks.

I know many companies around me that wouldn't even look at these people when they showed up for an application. You remember the media screaming discrimination that many of these people weren't being considered for jobs.

I hang on a large gun board and when things got tough back in 2008-2009 and a few members lost their jobs we got on them not to screw around and start looking immediately.

I'd say almost every guy that took our advice, got a job with in 90 days, paying the same or more than the one they lost. The point we put across is that you have to show a prospective employer that you want to work and you want a job today even though you're collecting unemployment. The shorter time you're on unemployment the better your chances at landing that job.

I made the point of how a buddy of mine got his dream job at a suburban Police Dept. When it came down to him and two other candidates who were more qualified, he ended up winning out because he hadn't used up his sick days like the other two had. He'd used one and the other two police officers had burned through all their sick days already.
2017-07-15 10:59:16