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User Info Jail. Now. Not Bailouts; entered at 2017-07-14 20:54:22
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Dantes wrote..
So they have to make up the difference by charging private patients more money.

Translation: Damn the laws, we must get paid moar.

Don't blame us doctors.

Translation: We are all just victims of the evil reptile people from Niburu. We have no choice.

As a result, in Butte MT, there are 75% fewer physicians in private practice than 10 years ago. The rest have left or are employed by hospital or Community Health Center.

Medical Economics had an article, "Monopolizing medicine: Why hospital consolidation may increase healthcare costs" in 2014. From the article:
"The consolidation trend has been promoted by reform efforts seeking to reduce waste and reward value instead of volume, but these monopolizing forces are contributing to a rise in cost, according to recent studies."

In the article hospital consolidation includes hospitals buying up individual practices.

So your claim that the grant money is responsible for 75% fewer physicians in private practice in Butte is BS. This is happening everywhere in the US. See also the Congressional Research Service Report: "Physician Practices: Background, Organization, and Market Consolidation" from 2013.

Doctors pay taxes, have to work within a budget, etc.

Translation: No one else pays taxes or lives within a budget. Just us poor, sniff, underpaid, overworked physicians who only want to help people. (Cue the violins.)

What you don't address, Dantes, is this from Karl's "A One-Sentence Bill To Force The Health-Care Issue":
Genesis wrote..
I remind you that Medicare is required to set pay rates by law at a level that in fact are profitable -- that is, above cost by a modest amount -- for everything it covers. Further, those pay rates are audited regularly to prove that they in fact are above cost.

If that isn't true, please provide some evidence beyond your comment:
There is no relation between cost of care and reimbursement, which is decided simply by numbers and what someone thinks it should cost.

KD, I hope you're keeping your shoulders loose and your arms limber. I suspect that you will get an upper body workout soon.
2017-07-14 20:54:22