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User Info Jail. Now. Not Bailouts; entered at 2017-07-14 19:49:15
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
Dantes - **** YOU!!!!

You say "There is no relation between cost of care and reimbursement, which is decided simply by numbers and what someone thinks it should cost."

You are obliviously (spelled correctly) too smart to have taken the time to actually read Market-Ticker, as Karl has taken the time on numerous occasions to state - NO ONE would order a pizza or any other product without first knowing what the basic cost was.

Except that is common treatment when dealing with medical issues.

There are many people who post here that have given countless examples of how they were expected to reimburse the cost of care that was simply decided by what someone thought the cost should be.

What is it the people who have posted their stories about being financially raped don't get?

What is it Karl doesn't get?

You say "You don't get it."

Really??? You state exactly what Karl has been saying for years and somehow he doesn't get it?

What, is he stupid? Does that make me stupid too, I do agree with him.

What about all the other people who agree with him, they too stupid to get it too?

Because of government programs you say "Your solution is a non starter."

And you excuse your behavior by saying "Don't blame us doctors."

You doctors ARE part of the problem. One of the main themes on Market Ticker is personal responsibility, not how to deflect responsibility. So you are a doctor, in a corrupt system and you do not want to be blamed BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

**** YOU Dantes.
2017-07-14 19:49:15