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User Info Jail. Now. Not Bailouts; entered at 2017-07-14 19:40:58
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Seinfeld: a show about nothing.

The co-creater (along with Jerry Seinfeld himself) made an assessment of what he saw coming in the 1980s and 90s. The 1990s is what the writer David Foster-Wallace called the me-culture.

Seinfeld was a very dark comedy, with no redeeming values in any of the characters. They're all self centered narcissists and the only time they're "friends" is when they have an obviously shared interest. All the characters seek to achieve their goals reap the rewards, and pass the costs on to each other, not really caring in particular who gets the cost, as long as it's not them. They don't even consider the consequences, short or long terms, the thinking of the characters doesn't go any further than cost shifting.

When it comes to the health care issue, it's really hard for me to find an issue that involves more narcissism -- even the tech industry would be hard pressed to be more narcissistic.

All parties involved, that is the recipients, the producers, the middle men, the politicians, all exhibit an extreme.narassisc, a sociopath narassiscism even. As groups, everyone is trying to shift the coast to others while reaping the rewards themselves and not even asking, or even caring, whether it's morally right, but even if it's sustainable, not even in the short term. They simply don't care beyond themselves.

Karl is one of the few that I've come across that publicly at least tries to see it in reasonable terms that isn't simply a sociopath narassist. There's probably about four others in the United States in a country of 300 million that see this issue beyond their own petty selves.
2017-07-14 19:40:58