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User Info Jail. Now. Not Bailouts; entered at 2017-07-14 15:45:48
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They fail to realize that if it goes single payer, they will never get true market pricing and will have to live with what Medicaid declares the pay scale to be.

Even worse will be the attitudes of the patients demanding service that they feel entitled to.

Wait for the balance billing Oldno7.
A younger person would see the $418.47 bill.
That is the scam.
It needs to be $418, $28 or some published price for everyone regardless of the method of payment.
Not telling you the price up front is the scam.

Dante, what are your prices and are they the same for everyone regardless of the insurance they carry?

How much are you worth in your mind verses in a free market where you have to compete with publicly published prices?
What underlying debt structure and fixed costs per month does a GP have to service?
Most of us here have either been self employed at one time or are in management where we work.

Is competition for patients considered rude among doctors?

There used to be the no advertising thing between lawyers.
Slip and Fall lawyers ended that.
Plastic surgeons kind of blew that out of the water as well because they have to compete in a cash market.

The Republican leadership once again proves how corrupt and stupid they are.
No goals other than re-election and continue the theft.

The Democrats have a goal in mind and are willing to do anything to achieve it.

2017-07-14 15:45:48