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User Info A One-Sentence Bill To Force The Health-Care Issue; entered at 2017-06-23 18:52:03
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Registered: 2014-01-10 slc ut
Karl, aside from the feeling I'm living in the twilight zone,I hope your one sentence bill proposal will ring the bell with my reasonably intelligent, logical friends, though I won't bet on it. Appears there's some exception when it comes to medical racketeering.

Personal note: my wife, as a pedestrian, was a hit and run victim in the parking lot at our neighborhood park 4/2/17. 5 days in hospital, 2 - 5+ hour surgeries for broken femur and both legs broken. Excellent trauma ortho but, on follow-up appointment we arrive, they remove the temp casts and apply walking boots though she could not walk. One month plus later we get the explanation of benefits from insurance and the doctor's bill. $495 each boot allowable against the $5k deductible. Calling to pay I tell the nice lady in my experience doctors are not permitted to profit from excess DME billing and told her we were not informed wife would need these boots we could buy for $170 each. Nice lady said she would reduce each to "$125 self pay" amount but doctor was allowed to bill whatever insurance would allow. Short for long story - ask for "self pay" amount.

Further personal note; we recently learned hit and run driver was physician/surgeon with privileges at both hospitals where wife was taken. Only 100k auto ins and no significant assets. Health insurance wants the 100k auto insurance as reimbursement. PI attorney withdrew for lack of funds. We'll continue through the rabbit hole to the twilight zone.

"Notwithstanding any other provision in state or federal law, a person who presents themselves while uninsured to any provider of a medical good or service shall not be charged a price greater than that which Medicare pays for the same drug, device, service or combination thereof."
2017-06-23 18:52:03