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User Info Mueller Eh?; entered at 2017-05-19 17:04:27
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This is one massive #### show.

We are going to end up living under a permanent PC libtard dictatorship with George Soros pulling the strings. Zucketurd is already censoring peoples speech.
Google already can flush any info they want down the memory hole. And Bezos is using his WAPO to smear Trump left right and center. These mega billionaires do not see themselves as mere men they truly see themselves as special beings as gods among men. They create things like global warming, and they have a solution. It is always about taxing and burdening the common man.

Well, I'm glad things are finally starting to turn around.

And I'm sorry what is going on right now feels and looks like a globalists Coup de tete. These are not leaks they are assassination attempts. I'm sure these leaks are coming from left over Obama appointees.
And every Obama true believer I have ever talked to, after afew minutes of talking to them prove themselves to be a complete and utter idiot.

Hillary and Bill were selling access to the government and no one gives a ####!

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2017-05-19 17:04:27