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User Info Mueller Eh?; entered at 2017-05-19 12:42:24
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Registered: 2011-04-27
According to the MSM there were at least 18 non-disclosed contacts between trump campaign and russia, according to those near the investigation, at least 30.

Also :
Female Ex-Russian Spy Was Appointed to Trump Organization to Launder Money
F.B.I. Once Warned G.O.P. Congressman That Russian Spies Were Recruiting Him

Did they succeed?
Russia tried to take over Pentagon Twitter accounts: report
Ex-Trump adviser Michael Flynn hasnt responded to subpoena on Russia contacts, Senate intel chair says

If he doesnt comply, at most he can get 1 year in jail and 1000$ fine... which is better than being convicted for high treason.
The Trump-Russia inquiry is now a criminal investigation

Trump and his treasonous buddies are going down. Also his ``only`` good idea to break up the big banks was shot down yesterday by Mnuchin... what a surprise... NOT.

If Trump was legit at all in the beginning which I doubt more and more, he's totally sold out.
2017-05-19 12:42:24