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User Info Mueller Eh?; entered at 2017-05-19 07:22:50
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Minor technical correction - Mueller has been named Special Counsel, not prosecutor. Much of the press is misreporting this (surprise.)

What's the difference? Not too much, but there are some subtle ones. Congress let the law authorizing a special prosecutor lapse in 1999. Prior to that, special prosecutors (Ken Starr was the last one, I think) were selected not by the Attorney General but rather by a panel of independent judges. Congress had some limited oversight. Mueller will still be under DOJ. Technically the Attorney General could fire him, unlike Starr who was pretty much unaccountable.

Either way these guys tend to end up going on fishing expeditions. The Whitewater special prosecutor outlasted the Clinton administration. And as we all know, all we got out of that one was Lewinsky. Fitzgerald went after Rove and Cheney but all he ended up getting was an obstruction of justice case against Scooter Libby, which led to a conviction and a sentence that was commuted by GW Bush.

I predict Mueller will take years to come up with anything. Perhaps he'll nail Mueller's third cousin on a charge of running crooked bingo games in Saskatoon. With money siphoned to Putin, of course :)

It doesn't really matter because politically either way Trump is likely finished, as you wrote.

2017-05-19 07:22:50