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User Info Comey Memo? Or Seth Rich? Or Classified Data?; entered at 2017-05-18 14:42:02
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The Seth Rich thingy is radioactive and everyone knows it. The Clintons (and if you believe some sources, even Obama) are routinely linked to fortuitous deaths of political opponents. Morons like to say that people with the amount of contacts as the Clintons are statistically predisposed to having a lot of "friends" or "enemies" die, since they have lots of "friends" and "enemies."


Ask yourself why there is NEVER any similar pattern or linkage with Nixon, Reagan, Carter, the Bush family, Romney, etc.

Why is that the Clintons seem to be several sigma outside the norm, and Obama is likewise tainted? At some point, the circumstantial evidence becomes compelling.

Now, if Seth Rich leaked to Wikileaks, and he turns up dead under suspicious circumstances, that is worth investigating. The MSM isn't going to do **** about it because they KNOW it will blow their candidates away.

Instead, they are doing the opposite. Seth Rich is a ticking bomb, so they are (in my opinion) setting a deliberate backfire to keep everyone off the real story. The string of opportune deaths in the 1990s, directly linked to the Clinton Administration intentionally funneling MIRV technology to the Chinese government through LORAL Aerospace and Ron Brown's Dept of Commerce, along with all the Chinese cash donors at the White House tea parties, along with the Lincoln Bedroom being rented out on hourly rates. The Washington Times detailed everything and nobody gave a ****.

Why? Two reasons: The stock market and Monica.

Monica was a deliberate backfire that was set to consume all the emotional outrage at the Clintons. We wanted to talk about cigars, blowjobs, and blue dresses than Ron Brown, LORAL, and W-88 MIRV technology.

One was a crime, the other was an embarrassment (other than suborning perjury, and obstruction of justice).

Same **** happening here with Seth Rich. The Dems self-immolated and they don't want to talk about Seth Rich, since it leads to murder. If Rich is determined to be a murder, then all those on the Clinton Kill List get investigated for the same. That list is long and distinguished.

That's why they didn't let the FBI investigate their servers, but had CROWDSTRIKE do it. They are using this to keep the Russia story in the news, BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT SETH RICH!!!!

These people are evil. Killing to maintain power goes back millennia. Nothing has changed. The mindset that allows you to engage in pedophilia and related blackmail is the same that allows you to engage in murder.

The Dems have been in bed with the Russians since FDR, and that is a FACT. When the Russians say the Dems have gone too far, you know the Dems have reached terminal velocity.
2017-05-18 14:42:02